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Do I have to attend a drama or acting school to become an actress?

To School or Not to School

A question nearly every up-and-coming actor must ask is whether or not to attend drama school or take classes. While it is certainly possible to learn the acting craft by watching and learning from other actors, nothing beats practicing your craft. The best way to learn is by experiencing. This can be accomplished by working with good directors as well as doing exercises on your own. One thing that schools and classes excel in is pointing students in the direction of the masters. Good teachers can introduce you to dramatic literature as well as physical and vocal warm-up exercises you never knew existed. In addition, the feedback from experienced teachers and peers alike can be invaluable. Not to mention that a degree from a reputable drama school will look good on your resume. In the end, it is recommended that you try to take at least a few classes, but ultimately, it is your performance at auditions and acting jobs that will launch (and float) your career.

Should I worry about the prestige of my acting school?

Acting Schools and Training

Remember that you're not just going to acting school for the degree or the prestige but also because you're trying to improve your practical training. A good acting school shouldn't just teach you how to act, it should teach you how to handle the entire industry. You should be taught not only to perform, but to understand all that makes up being an actor. The skills you take from your acting school should be applicable as you start your career in the industry.

Are there quality acting schools in New York?

Acting School in New York

Many people think that they have to go to school in Los Angeles in order to get a foothold in the acting industry. The truth is that there are many fine acting schools in New York City that have strong ties to the industry. NYU has both a film school and drama school. Columbia University has its own film program. The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts specializes in training actors for the industry. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is a fantastic school that even offers summer programs. In recent years, New York has become a hub for casting TV pilots. The city also has one of the oldest theater communities in the US, making it an ideal place for studying acting of any kind.

How do I select good teachers?

Finding Good Acting Teachers

Finding teachers at acting schools that challenge you and inspire your trust is a critical part of your training. A good teacher will help you to build consistency in your acting. Don't fear critical feedback; a good teacher will not shy away from pointing out your flaws. Use this criticism to instill discipline in to your training. Remember that everyone has weaknesses, and even the best actors have room to improve.

How do I keep from getting scammed when applying to an acting school?

Things to Watch Out For When Applying To Acting School

Beware of getting scammed when signing up for an acting school. No school that you apply to should ask for large payments upfront. A school with any kind of reputation will require you to audition for entrance rather than accepting you after just one interview. It is important to remember that a school should not ask you sign a binding contract with regards to your career before admission. Also, it's a good idea to check out school's backgrounds through friends and independent research.

What should I be looking for in an acting school?

Selecting an Acting School

There are a few key elements that you need to consider when selecting an acting school: Make sure the school has modern facilities that meet professional standards. Examine the school's faculty, and make sure that they have plenty of experience in the industry. Look for a school that offers practical, hands-on training, preferably in smaller class settings. Investigate whether or not the school has working relationships with industry professionals. Remember that you'll most likely be supporting yourself as you go through school, so figure in the cost of your tuition.

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