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Top 4 Apps for Actors

Being a prepared actor is easier than ever, thanks to the internet and our mobile devices. Having a list of great acting apps in your inventory can help you stand out at your next audition. Here are the top four acting apps on the market.

1 - Netflix on Android or iPhone

Having Netflix in general is a great idea, but having it on mobile is even better. You can watch the latest films, do your research, and even find acting classes on the video database. This can be invaluable in keeping your mind and talents sharpened. Of course there is a monthly subscription fee, the price of lunch at Starbucks, and it will drain your data--but in the right hands this can be a great tool.

2 - Speak Easy Voice Recorder on iPhone

Actors, by nature, are full of ideas. Being able to jot all of yours down isn't always an option. Using a voice recorder can help! Practice your monologues as well as perform voice over gigs if you have a good mic attachment. Cheap, efficient, and better than the free alternatives.

3 - IMDB on Android or iPhone

All movie information finds its way here. Keep track of your career and IMDB profile from your pocket, with the press of a few buttons.

4 - Wunderlist on Android or iPhone

Your acting schedule is stacked, and chaotic. Using this app to keep track of what you need to do will keep you on point and on time.


Getting in the 'biz: Finding the right acting conventions.

Anybody that is "in the 'biz" will tell you that the entertainment industry is one that relies on networking as much as talent, chutzpa, or any other tangible/intangible thing.

An acting convention isn't intrinsic to any geographical location, though they tend to trend towards the industry hot spots such as Los Angeles, New York, Houston, and even Chicago. An acting convention is just like any other niche convention. It is a place for practitioners of the craft to meet up, trade business cards, and to show off their talents. At any acting convention an attendant can expect to rub elbows with agencies, directors, and other actors. In short: it's a one stop shop for some prime time networking.

In order to find the best acting conventions, because any guy can rent a hotel lobby out and call it one, requires looking in places that are affiliated with the Screen Actors Guild, or SAG for short. The SAG is the acting union that basically runs the industry. They keep things legitimate and help out actors as much as they can. A convention run by SAG personnel can be expected to be professional and possibly advantageous for attendants. Looking into industry magazines, like BACKSTAGE, or on industry websites is the best way to find out about these conventions.


10 Funny Acting Jokes You Won't Have to Act Like You Enjoy

1. You know you’re an actor when… you learn how to balance the tray of drinks so that none spill.

2. Q: How many actors does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Just one. He stands there, and waits for the world to revolve around him.

3. How many actors does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one; they don't like to share the spotlight.

4. Q: How many actors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Four: one to screw it in and three to stand around saying that they could have done it better.

5. Q: How many assistant directors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: One, but she has to check with the director first to make sure he wants it there.

6. Q: How do you get an actor off of your front porch?

A: Pay him for the pizza.

7. Q: What's the difference between an actor and a pizza?

A: A pizza can feed a family of four.

8. Why do stage actors like their jobs so much?

It's all play.

9. Susan: I wish I were an actress.

Bill: Well, break a leg then!

Susie: Why?

Bill: You'd be in a cast for weeks!

10. Did you hear about the actor who fell through the floor?

He was just going through a stage.


How to find the right acting coach.

There are few people more important to the career of an actor than the person they choose to train them. Every actor who is taking their career seriously will eventually find themselves at the hands of a (hopefully) capable acting coach and it is absolutely imperative that they find the right coach for them. With so much variety and room for technique in the acting world this can be a little difficult. Fortunately there are a few easy ways to find the right acting coach.


Speaking from experience, having an acting coach a short drive away will dramatically increase your commitment to the training. A long drive just kills motivation. Looking through the internet or phone books can lead you to a list of acting coaches.


Good training is as important as a good role on your resume. An acclaimed teacher, one that is popular with the local agencies, can help lead you to a leg up on the competition when it comes time to attend those casting calls.


Are you a method actor? Or do you prefer a more laid back approach? Reading up on the basic techniques employed by famous actors can lead to a dearth of good information. Once you find a technique that interests you, you can start searching for an acting coach that employs that technique.


Don't be afraid to ask your acting and industry buddies for suggestions. "Knowing somebody" is as important in this business as your actual God-given abilities. The right referral could lead to a great instructor and continued success once you have quit going to your acting class.

How can I get started in acting?

How to Join a Local Acting Group

Perhaps you are looking for a way to enjoy theater without having to make it a career? Some of the biggest names in Hollywood started their careers by joining local acting groups, but many others have just done it for the fun. Here are a few ways to get started:

First, consider looking online. Many acting groups have pages on Facebook, Meetup and other social media sites. They are often thrilled to have new actors and actresses join them, and love helping these novices hone their craft.

Churches and other groups also usually have some sort of theater club or committee. By working on the holiday pageant or play, you can gain a bit of experience in acting.

Whether you are destined for stardom or just want to be on stage, consider joining a local acting group!


What Makes a Good Resume?

Think of your acting resume as a calling card. You are presenting yourself to complete strangers who know nothing of your talents. With that in mind, be sure your resume is:

  • Neatly typed
  • No longer than one page
  • Edited and proofread
  • Updated on a regular basis
  • In correct format
In addition, you should be sure that your name and contact information are prominently displayed at the top of the page. This is so your resume can be found easily among others.

When attaching your resume to the back of your headshot, be sure it adheres solidly. There should be no clips or opened staples to snag on other photos in the casting director's pile.

Don't use clever fonts or colors on your resume. Keep the type simple, such as Tahoma, Courier, or Times New Roman. Always use black ink to print your resume, and be sure it doesn't smudge.

A small effort on your acting resume will go a long way toward presenting yourself as a professional.

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