Things to Watch Out For When Applying To Acting School

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How do I keep from getting scammed when applying to an acting school?

Things to Watch Out For When Applying To Acting School

Beware of getting scammed when signing up for an acting school. No school that you apply to should ask for large payments upfront. A school with any kind of reputation will require you to audition for entrance rather than accepting you after just one interview. It is important to remember that a school should not ask you sign a binding contract with regards to your career before admission. Also, it's a good idea to check out school's backgrounds through friends and independent research.



1/25/2007 4:09:56 AM
Raimond said:

I think that this tip is really good. If you want to study somethin then it's not so important to take a school wich is well known and costs much.
if you are hard working then you can get a good education also from not so well known school.

am I right?


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