To School or Not to School

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Do I have to attend a drama or acting school to become an actress?

To School or Not to School

A question nearly every up-and-coming actor must ask is whether or not to attend drama school or take classes. While it is certainly possible to learn the acting craft by watching and learning from other actors, nothing beats practicing your craft. The best way to learn is by experiencing. This can be accomplished by working with good directors as well as doing exercises on your own. One thing that schools and classes excel in is pointing students in the direction of the masters. Good teachers can introduce you to dramatic literature as well as physical and vocal warm-up exercises you never knew existed. In addition, the feedback from experienced teachers and peers alike can be invaluable. Not to mention that a degree from a reputable drama school will look good on your resume. In the end, it is recommended that you try to take at least a few classes, but ultimately, it is your performance at auditions and acting jobs that will launch (and float) your career.



9/23/2006 5:12:21 AM
pete carruthers said:

I agree totally, I have just started a 3 year honours degree at a drama school here in England. Watching good actors only shows you the final stages of a hugely complex process and what is not on show is the huge amount of research, preparation, soul searching, etc that will have gone into each performance.


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