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Actor Quotes

Pinterest: @racheldmckinney/actor-quotes

Features poignant quotes from legendary and modern actors

Favorite TV Shows/Movies/Characters/Actors/Quotes

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Scenes and quotes from some of the best comedic actors and actresses... if these don't inspire your comedic side, you may want to stick to drama!

Films, Actors, Directors and Quotes

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Includes photos of actors, stills from films and quotes.

Actor Quotes

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Quotes from legendary actors and actresses, including Gene Hackman


Twitter: @Backstage

Backstage is one of the most renowned casting companies. They have both a Twitter and a website. You can join that site for a free trial to get access to thousands of different auditions and roles.

Actors Access

Twitter: @ActorsAccess

Actors Access is a United States and Canada-based source for achieving your career goals as an actor. You can learn how to nail auditions and find open roles here.

Tips For Actors

Twitter: @Tips4Actors

Tips For Actors also provides a helpful YouTube page with free video advice to teach what words can't describe. You can learn how to get and stay in character here.

Theatre Acting Tips

Twitter: @theatreheroes

Theatre Acting Tips is the ideal destination for those who act on the stage. You can learn how to use pronunciation over voice volume and how to rely on your acting partner effectively.


Twitter: @ActorIntro

ActorIntro is a New York-based Twitter and website. Through both sources, you can watch videos of others auditioning to learn how to improve your own skills.

Actors Info Booth

Twitter: @actorsinfobooth

The Actors Info Booth, based out of Florida, provides you news and training tips. You can also find places to audition and learn how to blow everyone away and win that dream role.

Inside Acting

Twitter: @insideacting

Inside Acting is a podcast by Trevor Algatt, who also posts to this Twitter. You can read about the future of independent films as well as find links to download an app to help you with auditions.

Acting on the Spot

Twitter: @actingonthespot

A California-based actress who wishes to remain anonymous posts to Acting on the Spot, which is also a website. She uses her lengthy experience in the industry to help others.

Steve Braun

Twitter: @ActingTheTruth

Steve Braun is in charge of this account, which offers acting and even communications classes. You can also get coaching to help you nail auditions.

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