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Getting in the 'biz: Finding the right acting conventions.

Anybody that is "in the 'biz" will tell you that the entertainment industry is one that relies on networking as much as talent, chutzpa, or any other tangible/intangible thing.

An acting convention isn't intrinsic to any geographical location, though they tend to trend towards the industry hot spots such as Los Angeles, New York, Houston, and even Chicago. An acting convention is just like any other niche convention. It is a place for practitioners of the craft to meet up, trade business cards, and to show off their talents. At any acting convention an attendant can expect to rub elbows with agencies, directors, and other actors. In short: it's a one stop shop for some prime time networking.

In order to find the best acting conventions, because any guy can rent a hotel lobby out and call it one, requires looking in places that are affiliated with the Screen Actors Guild, or SAG for short. The SAG is the acting union that basically runs the industry. They keep things legitimate and help out actors as much as they can. A convention run by SAG personnel can be expected to be professional and possibly advantageous for attendants. Looking into industry magazines, like BACKSTAGE, or on industry websites is the best way to find out about these conventions.

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