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Top 4 Apps for Actors

Being a prepared actor is easier than ever, thanks to the internet and our mobile devices. Having a list of great acting apps in your inventory can help you stand out at your next audition. Here are the top four acting apps on the market.

1 - Netflix on Android or iPhone

Having Netflix in general is a great idea, but having it on mobile is even better. You can watch the latest films, do your research, and even find acting classes on the video database. This can be invaluable in keeping your mind and talents sharpened. Of course there is a monthly subscription fee, the price of lunch at Starbucks, and it will drain your data--but in the right hands this can be a great tool.

2 - Speak Easy Voice Recorder on iPhone

Actors, by nature, are full of ideas. Being able to jot all of yours down isn't always an option. Using a voice recorder can help! Practice your monologues as well as perform voice over gigs if you have a good mic attachment. Cheap, efficient, and better than the free alternatives.

3 - IMDB on Android or iPhone

All movie information finds its way here. Keep track of your career and IMDB profile from your pocket, with the press of a few buttons.

4 - Wunderlist on Android or iPhone

Your acting schedule is stacked, and chaotic. Using this app to keep track of what you need to do will keep you on point and on time.

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