Training for Television Acting

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Training for Television Acting

While there are many acting universities to choose from in the United States, if you're looking to be a television actor, your best bet is to select an acting university that has specific coursework in television acting. Colleges like the School for Film and Television are a great choice. Here, you will learn the very unique techniques for acting on the small screen.

Courses are available in commercial acting, which teaches the actor how to sell a product or entity with conviction and believability. You'll learn the difference, for example, between giving a natural, "real life" performance and one that has a more announcer/spokesperson energy to it.

With daytime drama courses, you'll learn the distinct difference between plot-driven acting for the big screen and the emotional and character-driven motivations of the mini dramas.

Regardless of where you train, be sure you find an acting university that offers courses to improve your skills in television acting, but don't be afraid to branch out and try a few other acting courses as well, just to keep yourself polished.



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