Film Acting in New York

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Film Acting in New York

Two of the best places to get an film acting education are the Los Angeles and New York film acting schools. Many consider Los Angeles to be the only place to move if you really want to get into film, but that is an unfortunate misconception. New York is a hub of filmmaking, and emerging filmmakers abound in that city.

For example, highly specified training is available at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, located in the heart of New York's historical Chelsea neighborhood. Not only can you study film acting there, but you'll learn about films themselves through critical courses. There are also classes in television acting, from commercials to daytime dramas.

What's more, there's a lot of work to be had right in New York City! Many young filmmakers are looking for new faces to star in their films, so even after your official training is completed, you can start getting out there and auditioning right away!



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