Acting is Work!

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Acting is Work!

Congratulations. You've just graduated from acting school. Now what?

Now you start your life as an actor. A daunting thing for a lot of our hopefuls, but not if you make a very important distinction right off the mark. Acting is a lifestyle, yes, but it is also a business. One of the many acting tips you will receive, but perhaps the most fundamental, is to not treat your acting life as an artistic indulgence.

The same way bankers and lawyers and teachers go to work every day, so must you. Work for you may mean two hours of concentrated time fixing your resume. Work may be doing a mass mailing to agencies in your town. Work certainly means taking classes and auditioning.

Get yourself into the habit of working every day -- whether it's learning a new monologue or scanning the trades for auditions. Acting is an art, but if you're going to make a career in acting, you'll have to start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur.



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