What to Include in Your Acting Resume

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What to Include in Your Acting Resume

If you want to keep your acting resume clean and simple, follow these guidelines:

This should include your name, contact information (cell phone or service), height, weight, age range, eye and hair color.

Any acting experience you have had belongs in this section. Use the sections Theater, Film, Television, and Commercials. If you have done voice-overs as well, you can include these here. List in columns the title of the piece, then your character's name, then the place where you performed. (i.e., Once Upon a Mattress; Winnifred; Bucks County Playhouse)

List here any acting programs you have attended, as well as any schools you've gone to.

Special Skills:
This is a list of skills you have that may be needed for certain roles. (i.e., Spanish speaker, horseback riding, fencing, dialects (list them), etc.



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