Agents and Actresses

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Agents and Actresses

If you want to become an actress and make a living at it, you're most likely going to need to know how to get an acting agent. When selecting an agent, be sure to find out the types of actors and actresses that agency represents.

Your "type" is the kind of character for which you'd most likely be cast. Typical types are ingenue, leading man, tough guy, business man, etc.

There is a very compelling reason to make this small effort to research agencies: Let's say your "type" is that of a quirky best friend. If the agency you're courting happens to have a handful of quirky best friend-types in their line-up, chances are you won't be singled out for audition opportunities. You don't need to be the only one of your type in any agency, but try not to be one of many. A simple way to find out is to ask the agent how many actors like you they represent.



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