Preparing for a Headshot Session

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Preparing for a Headshot Session

Once you've booked your headshot session with a professional photographer, you may be wondering how to prepare for your session. Here are a few key pointers for how to get ready for your headshot session:

  • Call to confirm your appointment 24 hours ahead of time.
  • Don't drink alcohol the night before, which can make you puffy. Get a good amount of sleep the night before.
  • Show up to the studio 15 minutes early. Never arrive late.
  • Keep colors basic. Blue is best. Your headshots should be shot in black and white, so stay away from white colors, as they tend to wash you out.
  • Bring at least three changes of clothing: casual, business, and business casual.
  • If you wear any jewelry, keep it small and simple. Remove any facial piercings or be prepared to have them airbrushed out.
  • Get a professional hair and makeup artist to do your hair and face. Yes, men, too.



2/15/2009 1:56:00 PM
Karl said:

Headshots are NOT usually b&w. That changed a while ago.

2/21/2012 12:01:38 AM
Chris said:

Black & White headshots? Are we back in the 90's?

2/29/2012 11:40:35 PM
Josh said:

Black and White headshots are OUT in LA. I think they are still useable in New York, but I hear they are starting to go out of style there as well. Furthermore, you should look nice in your pictures, but not TOO DONE UP. Agents and casting directors want to know what you really look like, not what you look like with professional hair and makeup. DON'T DO THAT!

5/31/2012 7:51:30 PM
Sarah said:

I agree with Josh. B&W headshots are no longer used! The main issue is really technology. B&W looks very pixelated when sent through computers. Color works better. You should always look like yourself. This is a headshot, not a glamour shot.


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