Being Specific

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Being Specific

As an actor, you're required to make choices for every second you are on a stage. Those choices are going to steer you through every performance and you should never be without them. Because of the importance that your choices hold, would you like to work off a vague decision? No. Every actor wants to be the best and you can't be with vague or simple choices. When you consider a role and you ask yourself the questions that develop that character, you must be specific! I mentioned earlier that it is important to build your vocabulary and this is why: There is a huge difference between MAD and LIVID. To say that your character is MAD is vague. To say that your character is LIVID is much more specific because now you've nailed down exactly how mad they are. Never generalize in your choices, be specific and be decisive.



10/16/2007 8:18:20 PM
emma mackey said:

that is a realy good tip and its day i would like to be an actress as a living.

4/21/2009 2:54:27 PM
bobby said:

you konw so much about acting you must be so good i mean i wouldnt have the guts to put up tips that may or may not be right well TA TA


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