Lose the Script!

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Lose the Script!

Scripts are great to have your nose in when you're sitting around before rehearsal, or waiting for your turn, but get rid of it before you hit the stage. Many actors have become so accustomed to have an off-book date set for them that they will cling to every available second of script they can get during rehearsals until that date arrives. Trust me, don't wait, ditch the script fast. Learn your lines for a given scene in a given day. If you're blocking Act I, Scene 1 then memorize that and nothing else for that day. It's hard to do if you're unaccustomed to it, but I swear by this method. It lets you learn your lines sooner, lets you become accustomed to moving in character without something in your hands and it lets you look your partners in the eye from day one. And if you can't remember all those lines? Well, that's why there are those wonderful Assistant Directors. “LINE!” Just stick to and remember all of your acting training and you will be just fine.



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