Avoiding Shady Agencies

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How do I know if an agency is legitimate?

Avoiding Shady Agencies

When it comes to assessing agencies, it's wise to pay attention to your instincts. If you're unsure whether an agency is on the up-and-up, here is a general rule to follow: Agencies and management companies should never charge a fee to represent you. (That includes mailings!) Their job is to find you auditions and get paid in a percentage (generally 10%) from your earnings. Also beware of pressure to sign a contract right away. Don't be swayed by photos of celebrities on office walls; just because they are hanging there doesn't mean this agency represents them! Finally, search the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if the agency you are interested in signing with has any reports filed against it.



11/17/2008 10:45:49 AM
Kayla Syme said:

That is so true on the NO fee thing. I went to websites and websites and they all tell me to pay monthly or yearly and i can't do that.

7/17/2011 11:36:03 AM
S2011 said:

i like it it helps me because you always got to follow your instincts and one of those of mine is about acting i love to do plays and i would love to do acting classes so thanks for your info its every thing i needed to know about acting, what you need and how im and other peolpe are going to get it get what they what and has always dreamed


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