Acting Agents and Honesty

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How honest should I be with my agent?

Acting Agents and Honesty

Honesty is an important part in building a relationship with your acting agent. It helps to foster a sense of mutual respect that will insure that your agent aggressively pursues your interests in the future. Be honest about the roles that you feel are the most interesting. Don't feel bad about turning down a role that doesn't suit you. But keep in mind that your agent is working for you. S/he wants what is best for you as well; that's why you decided to work together. Be patient. A good relationship with your agent is something that is earned over time.



1/20/2012 8:33:43 PM
Jason said:

Hi. I am a beginning actor so excuse me for having a lot of questions. I told my agent I am taking acting class, stage movement class and voice development class in a community college this upcoming semester. My agent told me not to take them instead of three other classes she recommend me to take, they were too far away and my financial resource right now only allow me to take the classes in community college. What do you think I should do?


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