Acting Techniques: Showing v. Telling

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How can I become a better storyteller?

Acting Techniques: Showing v. Telling

A critical acting tip is to remember that you are showing a story, not telling it. The advice may sound simple at first, but it's harder than you migh think to engage your audience. Simply reciting your lines and obeying stage directions won't be enough. Acting involves the whole of your persona. Each movement, each breath, and each spoken line contribute to your performance. When you are on screen or on stage, know that your actions must be deliberate. Everything you do (your "stage business," in other words) must work to show the audience the story.



3/20/2015 4:20:52 AM
Mary said:

Indeed, that's one of my mistake in which the casting director notice. And now you're giving a tip an actor should observe during an audition. Thank you.


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