Rules of Acting

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Are there specific rules for acting?

Rules of Acting

There are no set rules in the world of acting. There are certain techniques and strategies that make life easier, but in the end you have to find what works for you. Oftentimes what works for a friend or an established colleague doesn't work for you at all. Develop your own methods and strategies and stick to them. Just remember to be objective in your assessments. An old strategy may have once been good, but now it may be holding you back. Don't be afraid to drop it and try something new.



5/31/2007 2:50:07 PM
Rose and Jeremy said:

YAY totally agreed =]

6/20/2011 11:08:26 PM
chloe said:

yes there is every world has a set of rules

1/1/2012 5:58:19 PM
Morgan said:

I dont agree their are rules to acting and they are 1 never be late 2 leearn your craft 3 know your lines 4 dont rewrite a directors lines 5 listen to your director 6


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