Acting Frequently Asked Questions

How do I best network online?

What are some of the scams that beginning actors should avoid?

What situations do beginning actors avoid?

How do I dress for an audition?

What is acting?

What if I want to audition for something not designed for me?

What is the first step to being a child actor?

What is the difference between drama school and acting school?

What are the central elements of drama?

Why is drama fun?

How does humor integrate in to drama?

How do I add drama to my acting?

What is a simple way to act more dramatically?

Is drama difficult?

Are there specific rules for acting?

How should I feel about acting?

What are the elements of the acting industry?

What kinda of experience do I need as an actor?

What kind of attitude do I need to be a successful actor?

How do I choose an acting monologue?

How do I prepare my acting monologue?

How do I find acting information?

How do I take the stress out of auditions?

What should my image for the audition be?

How should I present myself during the interview?

How should I prepare for the audition reading?

How do I get over an auditioning slump?

How should I present myself during an audition?

How do I recover from a bad audition interview?

How do I repair my image with an auditor?

What should I wear to a first time audition?

What are auditors looking for?

How do I know if an audition is right for me?

What kind of impression should I try to make in my audition?

How do I apprear professional at my first audition?

What should my ego be like in the audition?

How should I conduct myself in my first time audition?

What kind of material should I use for my first time audition?

How do I minimize stress in a first time audition?

How persistent should I be when pursuing acting jobs?

How do acting jobs progress?

How do I land a Pilot?

As an actor, how involved should I be in the acting community?

How do I recover from rejection?

What should I do to work my way up in the industry?

How can I make my image more professional?

How do I advance my career?

How do I select good teachers?

What should I be looking for in an acting school?

Are there quality acting schools in New York?

How do I keep from getting scammed when applying to an acting school?

Should I worry about the prestige of my acting school?

Should I visit the acting schools I want to apply to?

How should I prepare for acting class?

How can I learn from professionals in acting class?

What are the basic acting classes that I should take?

What acting skills should I try to develop in the beginning?

How should I select acting classes?

Should I take a broad number of acting classes?

How do I finance the beginning of my acting career?

How should I begin my acting career?

How do I know which auditions to begin looking for?

Should I try to work in student films?

How do I get work in a student film?

How should I begin establishing connections in the industry?

Is it possible to do my industry networking online?

Should I join the screen actors' guild?

What should I do to keep in touch with potential employers?

What kind of photographer should I use for my headshot?

What kind of format do I use for my headshot?

How should I go about mailing my headshot?

How do I get my headshot to project my image?

What's the difference between a commercial and a theatrical headshot?

What should I wear for a headshot?

How do I select my headshot?

What is Method acting?

How do I use status in acting?

How can I warm up for acting?

How can I become a more flexible actor?

What is Alexander technique?

Can being a better listener help my acting?

How do I manage anxiety while acting?

How can I become a better storyteller?

How honest should I be with my agent?

How can I tell if an acting agent will market me well?

How can I tell if an acting agent is good for me?

How can I tell how successful an agent is?

How can I tell if my agent is well connected?

What should I look for in an acting agent?

What should my attitude be towards acting agents?

How do I go about finding acting agents?

What should be the major content of my acting resume?

Should I include physical statistics in my resume?

What kinds of experience should I list in my acting resume?

Does my acting resume have to be big?

Is it necessary to include my training in my acting resume?

How truthful should I be on my acting resume?

What should be the format of my acting resume?

How should I mail my acting resume?

What do I need to show a casting director?

How do I prepare for an open casting call?

How do I make a good impression on a casting director?

What are casting directors looking for?

What can I do to have a good casting call?

How do I apply for a casting call?

How do I use my connections to get in to a casting call?

What is the casting directors motivation?

I would like to take acting lessons in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles - any advice?

Recently in college we had been learning to cry at will, but I'm not very good at it. Any advice for crying on cue?

What is drama school?

How much of myself should I bring to a role?

How can I best present a dramatic piece?

What kind of experience do I need as an actor?

What is a "cold read"?

How do I appear professional at my first audition?

How do I join the screen actors' guild?

What is the casting director's motivation?

What is the trick to being able to cry on the spot while acting?

Can I start a career as actor later in life?

Would I be a good actor?

What material should I prepare for an international audition?

Do you need acting classes before going to an audition?

I have been accepted into two drama schools: one for musical theatre and one for acting. As a singer, which should I attend?

Our theatre class is doing a project where we present a comedic monologue and a dramatic monologue. I just can't seem to find plays I like. Any suggestions?

Do you have any tips for memorizing a monologue?

I have been acting for eleven years and am looking to change agents for the first time. Any advice?

Do I need to hire a publicist?

Why should I attend acting classes?

Do I need an accountant?

How do I know if an agency is legitimate?

How should I attach my resume to my headshot?

What courses should I take in drama school?

What is an actor?

Who has final say: the actor or the director?

What do I need to know about auditions?

What is a good facial warm-up exercise?

Do I have to attend a drama or acting school to become an actress?

What is the best way to learn how to cry on cue?

What is a working actor?

How do I choose the best acting camp for my teen?

Do I have to keep taking acting classes throughout my career?

How can I come across naturally on camera?

How do I choose a workshop?

Is New York a good place to study acting?

How can I break into voice acting?

How do I find a professional headshot photographer?

What makes a good headshot?

What should my goals be during an audition?

Any tips on auditions?

How can I meet professionals and learn about the business?

I have stage fright. What can I do?

How can I break into the business?

How can I avoid phony agents?

Should I join an acting union?

how do i find a film acting school?

How will I know when it's time to quit my acting class?

How can I start building my professional network as a student in actin

Should I get an M.F.A. in acting?

What is the Meisner Technique?

What does it take to become an actor?

How can I further my career?

How can I create the perfect resume?

How can I make casting directors and agents take me seriously?

What are industrial films?

How do I stay calm during my first television acting job?

What's a perfect monologue for an audition?

Are there any movement techniques that will help my acting?

Any good tips on voice projection for film actors?

How can I make it through a long shooting day?

My performances are boring. What should I do?

How can I get started in acting?

Recent Acting Questions

Q. Tell me the difference in giving a speech and "acting"
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Q. Regarding acting technique: How does one portray physically or through vocal techniques the "status changes" that occur throughout a scene? What specific subject of acting should I look for to describe acting techniques I can practice?
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Q. how do you stop being really embarrassed on stage when people you know are watching you?Also, how do you get people to notice you, e.g at an audition?
Thank you
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Q. I have a friend taht sings better than me and we are goign to tryout for the same play what should i do??
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Q. how do you prepare to move from england to La as an actress looking for an agent/work?
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Q. hi my name is Deirdre and i`ve been acting since i was like 5 and its what i want to do for a profession but theres one thing i never can do and thats fake crying! i can look like i`m crying but i have to keep my face down or cover it with my hands. i was just wondering if you had any tips for me to bring tears!!
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Q. hey my names timi and my high school is doing a comedy called M is for the millon. the problem is i`ve never done a comedy before and im not really sure if there are any differences with regular acting. could you give me some tips as to how to make act funny but still stay in character
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Q. ok like i really wanna learn how to act and everything and i wanna go into a drama class but like are they expensive i just really want to know cuz i want to take the time to learn and like you know i guess it`s hard without a mentor or a teacher to tell you these things but do they cost like an arm and a leg?thanx so much i`ve been looking for so many sites to answer these questions much love- muah smk later!!!
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Q. Before beginning my monologue (a monologue that I have been asked to provide) during an audition, should I explain the scene before I start, or should the monologue I choose be able to explain that for me, just by its content? (The monologue is not my own work, its from another movie) Thank you!
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Q. how do i become more confident in acting in front of a Large group or camera?
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Q. Hi there,
My names lindsay, in a few months I`ve got an audition coming up where they asked that I have two monologues prepared. In one of the monologues there`s a profane word, and I was wondering if this was appropriate or not.
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Q. Actually i have a few questions. To become an actress or if your already a model and want to do acting, how do you go about that? Second question: when your going to audition for a part what do you have to do?..and my last is how long do you go to acting school, and if not long is it still good to go to it just to keep your skills sharp(as in drama school).?
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Q. how to eliminate my shyness on stage
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Q. i have to perform a comedy monologue that is really funny, and i am scared i am going to laugh, how do i restrain myself????????
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Q. how should i should i go in to an audition room if i am nervous
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Q. Hey! My name is Krissy. I am 12, and i want to be an actress. I have a question (well, of course, that`s what this is for!)But, uh, i was wondering: When you`re acting, how do you remember all the things you are supposed to do
(kinda like hand gestures and facial expressions), and act at the same time, WITH OUT acting out your scene all fake and corny? I also wanted to know: How do you make yourself cry and get all emotional in a scene? I mean, i don`t have anything sad to make me cry full-out. I need lots of help. I didn`t come from an acting background, lol!(Actually, my dad and grandpa were extras in a movie, and they told me that they only met the people they were in scenes with) Thanks. I really hope you can answer my questions. I had no experience, besides school plays, but it wasn`t as hard-working as really having an acting CAREER. Thanks! (I really want to be a good actress, and i came here, really hoping you guys would really "really" respond.) hope it wasn`t too long. I admire you guys so much for having this to help out kids like me. (not being a kiss up). LATER =)
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Q. i have a couple of questions to ask you and i hope that you could answer them. ok my first question is: what is it going to be like if i become an actress? my secound question is: would it be hard to get into acting schools? well thats all the questions i hope that you can answer them.
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