Becoming a Voice-over Actor

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Becoming a Voice-over Actor

Many actors at one point or another will have an opportunity to audition for voice-overs as well as theater, film, and/or television. There are some actors, however who go out of their way to narrow their career to doing only voice-overs. You may wonder, "How do I become an actor who does just voice-overs?"

The answer is: With a lot of training and experience. Becoming a voice-over actor does require you to have a decent voice, but it's also great if you have a unique or quirky voice. Regardless of the type of voice you have, you will need training to help you learn to sell the product or entity for which the advertisement has been written.

There are several classes available devoted to just the art of the voice-over. You can also find voice-over classes within most acting colleges' curricula. Once you have received training, you'll still need to practice almost on a daily basis. Daily practice can be accomplished at home (by just reading copy) or in a studio, if one is available to you.

Get an agent who will submit you for voice-over auditions. Be sure to attend as many as you can, especially when you're first starting out.



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