Which Acting School is Right For Me?

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Which Acting School is Right For Me?

Acting schools in New York are certainly plentiful. It seems there are so many of them that you may be unsure which ones are worth trying to get into. Many acting schools center themselves around a particular acting method, such as Stanislavsky or Meisner. Read about these methods to see if that is the kind of training that you think would suit you best.

Other schools offer a general education in acting, giving students a chance to familiarize themselves with many different styles of acting. Some even offer specific courses in theater (as well as musical theater), film, and television acting. Generally, these schools are the ones that provide coursework over a longer period. A longer period usually means attending a two-year program, as opposed to a six-week seminar or series of classes.

A great way to find out which school would be right for you is to do some quick Internet research. You can also look up where you favorite actors attended school. If you have friends or acquaintances who are actors, don't hesitate to get their advice.



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