Monologues for Your Acting College Audition

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Monologues for Your Acting College Audition

If you're planning to attend an acting college, you'll need to pull together a powerful audition to get accepted. Most acting colleges require that you prepare two monologues, one classical and one modern.

Classical monologues are generally thought to be any theatrical piece written prior to the turn of the 20th century, although some colleges define it as later than that. Your best bet is to choose any of the Greek classics, Shakespeare, Moliere, Voltaire, etc. If you're stuck, go to a local bookstore and search for compilations of classic monologues.

Modern monologues are more recently written, usually within the last 100 years. Try not to choose overdone monologues, as auditioners get bored hearing the same pieces over and over again. That won't work in your favor! Do your best to select a monologue that represents you well.

Rehearse both monologues enough so that you will go into your audition fluidly and with confidence.



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