Types of Headshots

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Types of Headshots

If you're just starting an acting career, you won't be able to get anywhere without actor's headshots. What exactly is a headshot, and why do you need them? Headshots are pictures that show you in close-up. This is so an agent or director can get a basic idea of your type when he or she is trying to cast you or sign you up for representation.

You should have two versions of a headshot: commercial and theatrical.

Commercial Headshots: These headshots show you in the most polished, sparkly way you can be presented. Perfect lighting, perfect makeup. Think of these pictures as the type of face you'd see on television.

Theatrical Headshots: These pictures can show you in a more casual, personable manner. These shots may be taken outdoors, for example, to present you in an accessible and warm manner. You'd use these shots for theater and film auditions.



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