The Alexander Technique

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Are there any movement techniques that will help my acting?

The Alexander Technique

Movement techniques of all kinds should form part of your actor training. Dance teaches you to move fluidly. Pantomime teaches non-verbal communication. But perhaps the most valuable lessons are to be had through the Alexander Technique.

Through the Alexander Technique, an actor learns to connect — in every possible sense of the word. Different parts of the body begin to work together. Breath connects to speech. Intention connects to gesture. Gestures flow from one to the other. Automatic habits are replaced by free choice. The result is the kind of poise and grace that radiates from being truly centered.

Many actors swear by the Alexander Technique. Since its creation over 100 years ago by F.M. Alexander, an actor himself, the Technique has been embraced in drama schools throughout the world. Some of the Technique's most famous students include Judi Dench, Hilary Swank, and Kevin Kline.

So if you're ready to pull your body, mind, and soul together, take some Alexander Technique lessons. Contact the American Society of Alexander Technique Teachers ( to find a certified teacher near you.



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