Landing your First TV Job

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How do I stay calm during my first television acting job?

Landing your First TV Job

You've just landed your first acting job on television, and you're feeling overwhelmed. Episodic television acting can be extremely demanding, particularly when you're the new kid. The pace is frantic, the writers keep changing the script, and there's so much to learn. How will you ever cope?

Relax. You already have the essentials — the acting skills and the talent. The rest is just a steep learning curve. You'll get the hang of it.

Keep in mind that television is a writer's medium. That fact coupled with the reality of television production schedules means scripts are forever being altered. If you're used to features, you'll have to be ready — to change, that is. The better prepared you are for all eventualities, the less harried you'll feel on the set. That kind of readiness requires a lot of work ahead of time. Do it. You'll be grateful.

When things start getting crazy, keep your cool and remember to breathe. You may not think you know how to pull it off, but you do. So trust yourself, stay in the moment, and have fun!



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