Acting in Industrial Films

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What are industrial films?

Acting in Industrial Films

Industrial films are corporate PR pieces or those boring educational films we all grew up with. Before you groan too loudly, keep in mind that industrials represent an acting job with a paycheck. They give you the chance to build your resume, hone your skills, and possibly even get your SAG card. If that's not enough to convince you, maybe this will: director Robert Altman started his career in industrials.

Industrials are a great opportunity for newcomers. The producers of the films look for actors who won't distract from the corporate message or the educational content, so it's fine with them if you're not a big name in the business. If you have the "professional" or "corporate" look, you have a good chance of being hired.

You can find production companies in the Blu-Book Production Directory, or you can try Googling "industrial film production companies" or "film and video production." With a little research, you'll soon be landing jobs most actors don't even know exist!



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