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How can I create the perfect resume?

Your Resume

Writing your first resume for acting? Here's a brief how-to:

Size matters. Your one-page resume will be stapled to the back of your 8x10 headshot, so it also needs to be 8x10. Trim your resume after you print it. Or buy your paper from a shop willing to cut an entire ream to size.

All About You. At the top of the page, list your name, height, weight, and hair and eye color. Don't include your age. If your headshot is an accurate representation of you, that's all a casting director needs to know. Do not include your measurements or social security number.

You Can Reach me at…: If you have an agent, list his name and full contact information. If not, list your own phone number and email only. Don't include your address. Indicate any unions you belong to.

Your Credits. Under separate headings, list your stage, film, TV, and commercial experience. Stick to your most important or impressive roles. If you're just starting out, you can include community theater plays or student films. Don't worry about chronological order. List your most important roles first.

Faking it. It's tempting to pad a resume, but don't. If an agent or casting director catches you in a lie, word will get around and blow your reputation. Be truthful about your experience. However, if you had a great role in a production at XYZ Community Theater, it's okay to drop the word "community" from the theater's name.

Your training. If you've graduated from a prestigious acting program, list it. But until you have more credits, list any classes or workshops you've done. You'll eventually cut down or eliminate this section.

I sing and dance, too. Finally, list any special skills you are reasonably good at—playing a sport or a musical instrument, juggling, or anything unique or quirky. If you sing and dance, include it here, not earlier. Keep your resume focused on your acting.

See a sample. Click on the link below to see a sample of an acting resume:

Together with your headshot, your resume is your most important marketing tool. Make yours shine!



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