Your Acting Career: Daily Steps

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How can I further my career?

Your Acting Career: Daily Steps

Every actor wants to make it in the acting business, but ask what steps they plan to take toward achieving their objective, and they can't answer.

Vague goals of the "I want to be a star" variety leave you feeling like there's so much to do, without giving the clarity you need to figure out the next steps. Setting concrete goals will keep you focused.

Start by drawing up a one-year plan. What can you realistically achieve by this time next year? It's okay to be ambitious—within reason. Don't list "win an Oscar." Do list "go to three auditions." Be as specific as you can. If you want to get some more training, don't write, "apply to acting school." Write, "apply to NYU."

Next, take each of those goals and break them down into concrete tasks with due-by dates. Then each day, do one of those tasks, such as picking up the application from NYU, checking casting websites, or redoing your resume. Have a few "whenever" tasks to do as well, such as learning a new monologue, studying a film on DVD, or attending a meetup gathering, so you'll never have an excuse for doing nothing.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it's worth it. Remember, a daily task can be as simple as making a single phone call. Develop this habit, and by the end of the first year you will be 365 steps closer to a career!



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