Say Good-Bye to Acting Classes

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How will I know when it's time to quit my acting class?

Say Good-Bye to Acting Classes

Experienced actors will tell you that the craft of acting demands life-long study. There's always more to learn and ways in which you can improve. So it's important to keep taking acting classes, right?

Not necessarily. Attending an acting school is an essential step if you're just starting out or if you want to learn a new technique or skill. The best classes will challenge you and force you to grow. But if after years of working at your craft you're still taking classes in lieu of auditioning and landing jobs, you may be sticking a little too closely to your comfort zone. Ask yourself honestly if you're learning anything new. Perhaps your class was once great for you, but now it's time to move on. Remember, the point is to become a professional actor, not a professional acting student. Yes, you have to keep learning. But maybe your most important lessons are waiting for you on the set, not in the classroom! So spread your wings and leave the nest. Say good-bye to acting class and hello to your career.



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