Applying to a Film Acting School

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how do i find a film acting school?

Applying to a Film Acting School

You've decided to follow your dream and apply to acting school. Congratulations! Whether you move to a different part of the country or stay closer to home, there are many acting and film schools to choose from. These tips will help you find the right program for you.

Visit the campus. Check out the facilities. Talk to the other students. What's the atmosphere like? Do students and faculty alike seem jazzed and happy to be there? If you can, catch a student performance.

Ask about the faculty: Are the drama teachers experienced actors? Are they well-respected? Do they have connections in the industry? Try to meet with first-year instructors during your campus visit.

Ask about the curriculum: Besides acting technique, what else will you learn? Does the school offer courses in film and drama history? How about dance, movement, and voice classes? Will you also learn practical skills for making your dream happen, such as how to approach agents, put together your resume and headshot, plan your career, and keep your books?

Good luck! Here's hoping you find a program you love.



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