Audition Tips

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Any tips on auditions?

Audition Tips

You haven't seen the script. You lost the directions and showed up late. You were nervous and you blew it. So many things can go wrong during acting auditions. Follow these tips to feel in control no matter what.

·Double-check the audition time and location. Make sure you know how to get there.

·Try to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of schedule. It's easier on your nerves and you can use the extra time to review your sides.

·When you receive your sides, read them through at least once before you start working on the scene. You need to get the full overview before you can make intelligent decisions about which direction to go in.

·Expect the unexpected. Don't let two people whispering or a ringing cell phone throw you. Always be ready to change your reading if you're asked to do so.

·Memorize the first and last lines. You'll create first and last impressions of you looking up rather than down at the script.

·Don't just stand there waiting for your next line. Make sure you listen, react, and play to your reading partner. Stay in the process, not in your script.

·If auditioning for a play, speak at performance volume. Just because everyone is gathered close doesn't mean you should alter your voice.

·Don't rush through your lines. It makes it seem like you can't wait for the audition to be over. Calm down and speak at the appropriate tempo.

·No matter how nervous or desperate you feel, be professional and smile. Try to think of each audition as an opportunity, not a torture session.

·Last but not least, remember a rejection doesn't mean you're no good. It just means you didn't get that particular part at that particular time.

Here's hoping you stay cool, calm, and collected during your next audition!



10/4/2007 5:29:13 PM
Cosme Espinoza said:

This is probably the best advice I could receive and give a fellow actor. I sometimes kill myself thinking about how I performed in an audition and not even 2 minutes have passed by. I wonder how I did and what they thought about me. If you just put that kind of thinking behind and go about your day, it will cause less stress. And if you didnt get the part, a large percent is that you didnt physically look the part. Many casting directors already have a pre-determined physical look for a character.


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