Keep Taking Acting Classes

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Do I have to keep taking acting classes throughout my career?

Keep Taking Acting Classes

If you think acting classes are just for beginners, think again. Many working actors, including some well-known stars, continue taking classes despite their successful careers. Acting is a skill. The more you hone it, the better you will be. Acting classes help keep you active between jobs so that you don't get rusty, but more importantly classes are a great way to stretch yourself as an actor. You can take the kinds of risks in a class that you'd hesitate to indulge in during a shoot. If you bomb in the safety of a class, who cares? Nobody's losing precious daylight or loads of money while you play around with different possibilities. A class is all about exploring and learning.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself as an actor is the freedom to fall on your face. The lessons learned from being bad are priceless, often richer than those learned from being consistently good. How will you ever grasp the fruit of your labors if you never allow yourself to go out on a limb? So go ahead—sign up for a class and shake things up!



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