Acting Camps

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How do I choose the best acting camp for my teen?

Acting Camps

Are you the parent of a teen who is thinking about acting as a career? Does your child need to overcome shyness and find the courage to express him or herself? Consider a summer acting camp. Teenagers hungry for creative outlets will love spending their summer exploring and developing their dramatic talents.

There are four key factors to consider when choosing a teen acting camp:

1)The activities: Look for a teaching curriculum that engages students creatively. Will there be scene study? Improvisation? An opportunity to perform at the end of the session? Do students receive tapings of their work?

2)The faculty and class size: Are members of the faculty working actors or well-respected drama teachers? Are the classes large enough to allow for a dynamic creative exchange but small enough to ensure students participate rather than sit on the sidelines?

3)Proximity to the industry: A summer camp in New York City or Los Angeles puts students in the center of the industry. Will there be excursions to the theater, screenings, and film and television studios? Does the camp invite industry guests to talk to the students?

4)Student Supervision and Safety: Does the camp show a high level of concern for student safety, especially in big city locations? Are the students supervised in the dormitories, on outings, and elsewhere? Is attendance in class mandatory, and does the camp insist students follow their rules and guidelines?

Whether it's just for fun or whether it's in pursuit of a career in film and television, teens who spend a summer at a camp for acting come home more confident, outgoing, and bubbling with creativity.



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