A Working Actor

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What is a working actor?

A Working Actor

Technically, a working actor is someone who is paid to perform dramatic (or comedic) works. In order to call yourself a professional actor, you must be paid for your work. Keep in mind that a working actor may have a steady stream of jobs, but not be able to support him-/herself by acting jobs alone. This does not mean the actor is not working, however! The sad truth is that most actors are never really able to settle into a long-time job. There is always the next audition, the next gig... The important thing is to keep getting out there and keep being seen.



9/23/2006 5:07:44 AM
pete carruthers said:

you say not having a long term job is a sad truth, personally, it's this constant freshness and uncertainty that keeps an actor sharp, ensuring that he/she keeps learning, improving and experiencing different roles etc.


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