Your Resume and Headshot

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How should I attach my resume to my headshot?

Your Resume and Headshot

An acting resume should never be longer than one page. Since you'll be handing your resume over with your headshot, the idea is to have the resume attached to the back of the photo. Many photo printing companies offer the service of printing your resume directly to the back of your photo. If this option is in your budget, take it; it is the preferred method of casting directors. If not, try to glue your resume to your photo (neatly!). If you opt for stapling the resume, be sure to staple each corner to the photo. Never use paper clips, as they snag on other photos and resumes in a casting director's pile. Besides, the last thing you want is for your photo and resume to be separated; one without the other is useless!



3/16/2007 5:48:46 PM
Michele said:

Hey i was wondering what you mean resume on the back of the photo because i heard that the photo needs to be smaller than 8 by 10 cm and ya i was wondering if someone could please explain thanx xox

6/30/2007 1:46:23 PM
Dan said:

The gluing/ printing advice is bogus. Casting directors still prefer two staples top and bottam for this reason: Some like to tear the headshot and resume apart so they can look at your headshot and resume side by side. (this was advice given to me at an "Acting Business" workshop in 2007.

2/3/2015 6:17:35 AM
Pauline Heath said:

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