Crying on Cue

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Recently in college we had been learning to cry at will, but I'm not very good at it. Any advice for crying on cue?

Crying on Cue

Being able to cry on cue is one of the most difficult aspects of acting. Each person has a different technique. The most important thing is to prepare yourself before your scene. Think of something that makes you sad -- or even happy! Sometimes remembering a tender moment in your life can make you cry. But when the scene time comes, you need to stay in the moment; the pressure to have to cry will overshadow the power of your scene.



4/22/2007 1:43:11 PM
Sally said:

Thanks, that is a really good tip.

5/14/2007 3:18:41 AM
Shelly said:

The best thing to do i find is if you have the emotional range of a teaspoon (me!) then you should keep your eyes open for as long as possible and move around so there is more air to get into your eyes.

1/3/2009 2:25:41 PM
Sarah said:

Another way to do it, is to really get in depth with your character. Realise why they are crying, and try to feel empathy for them, and act on the same wavelength! It works for me!

5/1/2009 9:09:21 AM
josh said:

i hav not had to use that bit but i see what you mean about it WILL be hard

6/29/2009 10:10:03 AM
cici said:

that waz just wat i waz lookin for!! im just know startin to audition for disney channel and this tip is wat i needed!!

8/3/2009 1:19:38 PM
kyasia g said:

i think this article needs some more information


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