Material for First Time Auditions

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What kind of material should I use for my first time audition?

Material for First Time Auditions

The material you read in an interview affects the impression you make. Use material that is representative of you, in terms of both age and type, and that will make you look your best. Vary the material that you use in an interview; reading the same piece over and over again will make your performance lose its edge. Concentration is key during the reading phase of the interview. Some general auditions ask for a classical and a modern piece. It's best to have two of each in case you are asked to perform another.



12/12/2008 10:59:39 PM
joy lackey said:

so what you are saying is be yourself and know your lines . i guess this would be a good tip but im like a real begginer i've been in a church plays but i have no real experiance.


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