Auditioning with a "Cold Read"

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How do I take the stress out of auditions?

Auditioning with a "Cold Read"

Auditions for which you are handed a script and asked to perform a scene are called "cold reads." Many actors fear this type of audition because they feel they do not have time to prepare. There are ways of preparing for these types of auditions, however! If you already know the piece you're auditioning from, find it in a library or bookstore and read it ahead of time. Get to know your character. If the piece is an unproduced script, your auditioner will most likely give you a brief background of your character. Here's where all your human observation skills are put to the test, so it's best to start honing them now! Overall, be positive: Cold reads can often be thrilling experiences, as you don't run the risk of being over-prepared or burned out.



8/21/2007 12:39:19 AM
emitomo said:

i want to comment that you guyz are good, and i want ask that is it neccessary to act according to the line of the script during the audition


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